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Professional Programs

Pre-Draft Preparation

The Pre-Draft Preparation Program includes everything needed to prepare players for individual team workouts, pre-draft tournaments and the NBA Pre-Draft Camp. Skill development is combined with speed, fitness, strength training and nutritional guidance to effect changes and improvements necessary to play your best at showcase events and beyond.

Sessions include not only skill development but the drills and workouts that are used by individual teams in their evaluation workouts. We also incorporate the drills and tests used at the NBA Pre-Draft Camp. Familiarity with the drills and tests will allow you to play your best.

In addition, we will create a professional atmosphere where scouts and other decision makers will be comfortable should they decide to watch workouts to aid in their decision making process.


Bowen Instruction

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Off-Season/Training Camp Preparation

Between seasons our program can maintain and improve your skill level and conditioning to help prepare you for the upcoming season. Workouts are designed to improve your overall game, to sure up your weaknesses and expand your strengths. Special attention is paid to the role you play on your team and what you feel you need to improve on for the coming season. Workouts can be tailored so you have time to recover from the previous season and are fit and ready as you go to training camp.

Pricing is individualized for each program dependent upon the frequency, location, services, number of players involved and length of your desired program. Retainer rates are available to teams and professional player agents that will cover all your players for a single cost. In general, housing and meals are not covered in the cost of the programs but arrangements can be made if desired.



In the event that you are injured and unattached to a team that will rehab you, we can put together a program that will help you recover from the injury and get you on the court. We can provide physical therapy, conditioning and quality court time with the objective of improving your game while recovering from your injury.

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In-Season Maintenance

Professional basketball is a very fluid business. Changing rosters and personnel moves dictate that you be ready for a call at any time. If you are between jobs and need to stay ready we can tailor a program to prepare you for your next job.



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